About us

What is CrowdInvest Company all about?
CrowdInvest is an European based Crypto/Affiliate marketing company founded in Slovenia by a team of British Stakeholders under the name, Windsbuck Mavida, with the aim of becoming world's Largest trading network. The company has been encrypted to function through the use of a digital currency known as Kcoins.
What are Kcoins?
CrowdInvest is a unique digital currency which our platform uses as an identifiable means of exchange and transcoded to distinguish us from other investment platforms. CrowdInvest can be accumulated and traded for fiat or other Crypto currencies within and outside the CrowdInvest community.
How to earn from CrowdInvest?
CrowdInvest is a consolidated platform that generates its income from multiple streams which include:
  • Crypto Trading: We recruit International Trading Experts and Crypto moguls together with their formidable team that predicts signals and trade crypto currencies 24/7.
  • Subscription service: We sell online packages of different products via international marketing systems to various business enterprises.
  • Sponsored ads: Users and external parties are charged for being allowed to place targeted ads on our channels.
  • Digital marketing: Business associates and multinational personnels pay us in hard currency for special activities tasks which we employ our members to carry out.
  • Subscribed Learning package: Where interested members pay/subscribe to get access to special tutorial package programs on Crypto trading organized by our international experts which have been in the marketing system for at least 5 years.
Our Expertise
CrowdInvest is a community of Forex and Crypto traders, together with Stakeholders from various countries who are United for the sole purpose of bringing to the hands of investors who have medium to zero trading experiences, various packages and open matrixes in the trading ecosystem which aids to minimize losing streaks that come with failed signals.
The crypto team comprises experienced experts who have observed matrixes for a long time and are exceptional in using signals to trade extensively 24/7, while the Forex team observe signals and trade with capitals for maximum return of investment. We get paid to work as a machinery in digitalized marketing.

We also offer exclusive 5 star tutorials on Forex and Crypto trading by our expert board members who have been in the trading market for at least 5years, with most having attained the highest certificate in trading courses from world leading Universities, combined with the subscription packages we sell to business enterprises.
How you earn with us?
By purchasing plans of preferred packages and allowing us use your deposited investments to trade and give back profits of which the RATE OF INTEREST VARIES depending on the chosen package.
  • Alpha package: 3,000 VCN to accumulate 4500 VCN for 14 days (50% ROI)
  • Beta package: 5,000 VCN to accumulate 8000 VCN for 14 days (60% ROI)
  • Gamma package: 10,000 VCN to accumulate 17,000 VCN for 21 days (70% ROI)
  • Ultra Package: 20,000 VCN to accumulate 35,000 VCN for 21 days (75% ROI )
  • Legendary Package: 50,000 VCN to accumulate 90,000 VCN for 21 days (80% ROI)
Via social media tasks
you earn when you complete set of tasks including sharing links, liking ,tweeting , retweeting , subscribing and following different social media handles.
Referral commissions
For each person you invite there is a set of bonuses commissioned to you when they buy investments plan of different packages.

You get :

  • 500 VCN when they activate alpha package
  • 1,000 VCN when they activate beta plan
  • 1,500 VCN when they activate gamma plan
  • 2,500 VCN when they activate ultra plan
  • 3,500 VCN when they activate legendary plans
How do I deposit?
You can deposit or fund your dashboard using Perfect money. However, you can also deposit directly to your dashboard using supported cryptocurrency as in BTC, TRX, LTC.
How do I withdraw?
You can only withdraw mature investments to your dashboard, crypto wallet Address or your perfect money euro address. Only a minimum of 1,000 Kcoins can be approved for withdrawal.
Why CrowdInvest is unique?
The first company to incorporate the Authenticator button into it's Daily users transactions thereby annulling every activities of Escrow or middle man analogy and shattering any form of vendors molestation and most importantly dicing to pieces any form of scamming activities.
The first risk free platform to operate in and do daily Transactions with 100% safety. To spice up our transaction section,a unique wallet address is instantly generated for every new user upon successful registration,to ensure maximum security and enable easy distribution of CrowdInvest tokens.
It is with strict adherence that we welcome all investors into this platform. However, we oblige each and every registered member of this platform to follow us through our Official Twitter and Facebook page and also join an active community of CrowdInvest investors for latest updates and building team spirits.

We also implore all members to desists from the act of running multiple accounts in the website for it is considered illegal and against the policy of the website, once detected immediately you lose access to both accounts plus any other form of active investment plans ongoing at that time.
So it is hereby necessary to conform to the above listed rules in other to avoid losing active investment and being safe from any other sanctioning that comes with Terms and conditions. We won't be responsible for any loss in funds or Kcoins transactions carried out externally! There are little or no risks involved with investing with this platform. However, you'll be notified when glitches occur, traffic congestions or when the site is undergoing maintenance as we don't have much control over these things.